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According To Eden Rock,These Are The 3 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Right Now

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When it comes to engagement rings, probably the most expensive piece of jewellery you’ll ever own and the one you’ll (hopefully) (fingers crossed) be wearing for the rest of your life, isn’t it peculiar that the wearer rarely gets to choose it for herself? Many of us wouldn’t trust our partners to get the milk-to-tea ratio right in the morning, yet we’re expected to give them full creative control over this very important jewellery moment?

Whether you’re taking a stand and insisting you join them on the hunt, or sending endless pictures of the precise style you’d want, you’ve no doubt at least had a momentary wonder about what everyone goes for.

Spencer Matthews and Neil Duttson, co-founders of bespoke fine jewellery and diamond brand, Eden Rocks,  talks us through the popular engagement ring styles currently in vogue.

1. The Oval

“We’ve seen a resurgence in vintage-style settings like oval, halo and emerald. People look at their family jewellery, think ‘wow’, and want something similar but that is more robust and modern to be worn today.”

“We have has sold more ovals in the past month than in Neil’s 20-year career as a jeweller. A number of celebrities have been seen wearing oval halo rings recently, and when a celeb wears one everyone wants one – that’s the power of celebrity.”

2. The Halo

“Halo rings are currently extremely popular in all cuts, but round
brilliant and cushion cut are favourite centre stones for the halo or
even double halo.”

3. The Emerald

“Emerald cut diamonds are stunning as a single stone ring. However, at Eden Rocks, we make a lot of emerald cut diamond rings with tapered baguette shoulders which, again, is a lovely 1930s look.”

And it’s not just the shapes that we’re searching for, but the colour too. Eden Rocks, who have made pieces for the likes of  Emma Willis and Frank Lampard, have also noticed a growing demand for coloured stones – a search Lyst notes is up 13% YoY.


July 30, 2019

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