La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner


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The biggest fashion brands have one thing in common, and that is consistency they manifest by churning out exclusive designs that stem from original ideas, with neatly tailored distinct styles that are trademarked by the eyes and brains of their clients and other fashion-inclined individuals even without an evident display of the brand’s logo. That exclusivity is what stands out Aladukeh Styles from the myriads of fashion brands in Nigeria. A gaze at any of their designs impacts one with their definitive craftsmanship, such that anyone familiar with the brand’s approach and identity would easily recognize it. Aladukeh thrives on a wave of evolving fashion trends that accommodates culture, art, glamour, and concepts. Their ability to invent personalized custom-made designs, curate multiple ones for the purpose of fashion or artistic exhibitions, and create themed collections for ready-to-wear purposes, projects them as one of the most popular and luxury fashion brands in Nigeria.

On the 20th of July 2023, Aladukeh held a fashion show to launch their latest collection – Russet Bridal Collection. It was an event that hosted the most relevant fashion personalities in Nigeria and had celebrities like Eniola Ajao as a runway model amidst other guest celebrities. It was a confluence of tradition and creativity. The collection displayed adequately what it means for a woman to embody the splendor that comes from being wedded. Over a dozen designs were stitched, perfected, and styled to feature a fusion of African attires elevated by the western fashion culture and vice versa. It was evident that the process of creating the designs were intentional. The choice of fabrics, patterns, colours, designs, and tailoring method for each aligned to form garments that echoed royalty, longevity, and quality.

The Russet Bridal Collection does not only appeal to the eyes of every woman, but each of the designs also had a stamp of confidence and flair to them. The CEO and Creative Director of the brand, Oluwatomi Aduke Adesiyan, popularly referred to as Aladukeh, stated in her opening remark,

“Weddings are one of the most celebrated events globally, and no one wants to look back on the memories they created on such good day and be met with regrets of the wrong or poor choice of attire as accompanied by other factors. The Russet Bridal Collection was made to expose people to the fact that bridal wear can be simultaneously fascinating and comfortable, and that each dress can be customized to match culture, decors, and the bride’s personality to create memories that linger for a lifetime.”

As the models took to the runway, everyone in the hall experienced a dose of artistic innovation. Aladukeh presented us with an ensemble of masterpieces elevated by the choiciest bridal accessories. The show itself has been tagged a ‘fashion party’, as it had guests looking their best as they enjoyed the runway display, networked, experienced the eclectic live music, and eased into the after-party mood. Aladukeh created a collection for years to come, and she launch it in a classy way too. It was a reinvigoration of Bridal Attire ideas.

September 14, 2023

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