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Appearing smart is serious business! You are not supposed to step out in your suits and look like someone who is wearing a coat or step out in your blouse and look like someone who’s borrowed cloths from another person who is bigger than you. I remember a comedian saying, ‘if it is a suit, you wear that one but if it is a coat, you will enter that one!’


Again, appearing smart is serious business! That’s about the smartest way to put it without using too many words and still hitting the nail on the head but it is very important for us to look into some of the issues surrounding looking smart!


Have you ever considered getting a job from an interview not necessarily because you are the best but because you are the smartest amongst those bidding for a job? What about getting some special favours from people on the street just because you are looking smart? How about being given a preferential treatment by your bankers or by an executive board just because of your smart look?


One of the things I remember so well about looking smart is when I was a student and I used to go into the banking halls with some of my colleagues. The interesting thing was that my fellow students would sometimes walk up to me to ask questions that should be answered by the bankers. I would normally allow them finish before saying, ‘sorry, I don’t work here.’ Some of them can’t hide the fact that they are surprised and the next thing they say is ‘wow! You look like one of those bankers!’ After that phase the next thing I experienced very often at that time was that the bankers would also attend to me specially. I saw the way they spoke to other students in the banking hall and realized I was addressed differently.


To put it in a nutshell, appearing smart can help you in the following ways:

  1. Create a good first impression for you.
  2. Looking smart will attract people to you.
  3. It’s easier to get attention when you appear smart in your outfits.
  4. You never can tell the edge you have over others when selection has to be done and you are on a team.
  5. Companies like to project positive images and it can also be done through their members of staff so they will only send out smart looking staff and those are the people who also get to attend the conferences and seminars that should be open to all.
  6. You can approach anyone without looking like a beggar and creating a barrier before you even ask a favour from anyone!


I would like to add that looking smart has got nothing to do with wearing excessively tight cloths! With this you may then ask, how do I go about looking smart?

  1. You should know your exact sizes (your waist, burst, bum, tummy, shoulder, length of arms and legs)
  2. If you have some cloths passed down to you or sent to you as a gift, you should check them out before stepping out in them.


Looking smart is not something so difficult and the few steps outlined above should be very helpful. I would like to see you looking very smart so that I can take my usual second look at everyone who appears very smart. Remember, looking smart is serious business!


Fola Daniel Adelesi

+234 803 416 3006


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