I know at the start of the year some of you made New Year resolutions that you would save, invest and generally take your personal finance more serious.

No need to fret, if you are still somewhat clueless. I’ve got you covered. I’ve put together a list of apps (5 to be precise) that can help you achieve your financial goals this year. These apps can help you save and offer a sizable interest.

With no further ado; (drumroll please) I give the 5 apps:

1. Piggy Bank

You know that thing you call kolo it’s actually called a Piggy bank. With the help of Piggy bank, you can save through various options. There are so many plans to pick from. One of their savings package offers you a 12.41% interest rate upfront when you save a certain/particular sum of money for a specific period. How’s that for savings?

2. Alat

We all love that sweet word ‘alert’, especially if it’s your phone that makes that melodic sound (I mean the chirp, chirp sound). Well Wema bank gifted us a really easy way to save money without stressing. You just need to download the app and follow the instructions. The app gives you the opportunity to set money goals, and work towards saving monthly to meet those goals.

Here’s the kicker, it offers an annual interest on your savings of 10%. There is one problem; you lose the interest if you withdraw before the goal is completed.

3. Payvest

I know a lot of you have heard about Paylater. Payvest is gotten from Paylater. It’s an online lending platform that offers you a 15.5% interest rate per annum. The app ‘Payvest’ is available on the Paylater app.

The minimum amount to start saving is 50,000 Naira.

4. PayDay by ARM

We all love to look for to every end of the month. The deal day, our PayDay. This next app is named after that day; ‘PayDay’. Managed by the ARM group, it allows you to save towards specific goals by investing your money in the ARM mutual fund pool and offering you an annual interest rate of about 12%.

5. Cowrywise

The last app on my list, takes its name from the currency we used in the past; ‘Cowry’. The Cowrywise app offers flexible savings plans with interest of 10% – 15%. You can save periodically, or lock down a fixed sum for a longer period.


By Daniel Usidamen


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