Asake Donates N5,000,000 to the Policewoman Who Created the Viral Sound ‘Help Me, Help Me’

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Asake has contributed N5,000,000 to support the policewoman known for her viral vocals in the song ‘Peace Be Unto You.’

I Go Save, the comedian, confirmed the direct transfer, specifying that it was made to the woman’s child.

The iconic ‘Help Me, Help Me, e dey carry me go where I no know,’ which gained fame in 2021, became a part of Asake’s ‘Peace Be Unto You’ from the album ‘Mr. Money With the Vibes.’

Sadly, the policewoman is currently in need of treatment following a hit-and-run incident.

A concerned user reached out to Asake on Twitter, highlighting the policewoman’s plight, urging him to extend the help she requires.

December 16, 2023

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