Better Being Heartless Than Being Heartbroken?

OK! So I have met several people, with their different love stories, each with their unique twist. I vividly recall one, of a friend of mine, Tony, whom I met during my service year. He had this girlfriend he had been dating since his university days. While he was a Corp member, this babe was in 300level. Their relationship was one founded on dedication and loyalty-at least, from his own end, as it was a shocker for him when he discovered she has another beau in her class. Now, Tony is heartbroken; the question is WHAT WENT WRONG?

Was it distance? Did she prefer someone in her level? Did the love die? Was there even ever a time she loved him?

After the breakup, the guy had a re-evaluation of their relationship, and then, he started to see some things he never took note of. First, it occurred to him that she never used his picture as her display picture on any social media platform, while she was always his wallpaper on his phone, laptop and his various social networking accounts. To some, the display picture thing seems to be a minor thing but believe me;

Love can’t be hidden, it is a force that pushes you to do things without you being forced and trust me, you will enjoy the feeling even when it is closely accompanied by pain.

Five years ago, I had one of those many end of the year shows to attend, and had to stay over with my friends, at a mutual friend’s place to pass time, before setting off for the show. We were having fun, talking, eating and drinking. Amidst us was this guy and his girlfriend who with their cuddles and plays could make life a living hell for singles. They were so all over each other. In no time, we made for the show venue, somewhere in Ikotun, Lagos. Suddenly, the buzz of the party was punctuated by a resounding slap! Are you also wondering where it came from? It was none other than our Mario, abusing his girlfriend with blows and slaps!!! People rushed forward in a bid to rescue the poor girl from her abusive boyfriend, but amazingly, this girl was crying and defending her boyfriend. She said it’s her fault that he was beating her and she was really begging him and doing all the loving up shit. It was after this free show that we heard that that’s how he usually beats her.

Love is a disease; it keeps eating into you until you discover that you are sick.

I could remember in University days when people will date from 100level – 400level then break up after graduation. Whosoever is at fault doesn’t matter anymore because as at this time they both think they’ve wasted their time and they would have to start afresh or give up on relationship finally.

I will leave you with a story of another friend. He met the love of his life as usual. They were always seen together and acting out Runtown’s mad over you. Then suddenly the girl changed toward him and the love story ended. That was how my friend got heartbroken and ended up being a notorious playboy.

After reading these stories, some of you will start judging. Even the victims in these stories would have concluded that Men are heartbreakers or Women are heartbreakers.

There’s no need to start an argument on that, instead have it at the back of your mind that it is not a gender thing but an individual thing. Please let us stop generalizing.

Whenever heartbreak jams us, let us try our possible best to pick up the pieces and continue our journey in Life.

Remember, everything that happens in life is for a reason and no matter what happens Life goes on.

Oluwatoyosi Malomo


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