La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

Telvin Nwafor Menswear designer shows his appraisal of the rise of the black man in this collection celebrating the excellency of black.

Telvin Nwafor Menswear brand is designed for the modern,successful and active individuals of today, who dresses to make a statement. In its collection, ‘The Bourgeoisie Man’, the brand celebrates black excellence.

In the era when slavery and racism were the order of the day, west african black men were looked down on and maltreated. This collection was inspired by the revolution and rise of the black man from being perceived as a third-class citizen to becoming very influential, wealthy and taking centre stage in all works of life.

Telvin Nwafor exudes an ideal balance between sartorial craftsmanship and timeless and classic designs with a dash of elegance.




Creative director @telvinnwafor

Stylist @pat_ada_eze

Photography @_jorgewong

Model @chris_okagbue @daniellloyd101

Footwear brand @kokomacollections

Art work piece @tayo_creates




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