Bianca Censori Steps Out in Transparent Raincoat, Nothing Underneath, Alongside Kanye West

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Bianca Censori made a bold fashion statement during a recent outing with Kanye West in Los Angeles, donning a clear raincoat with nothing underneath. The transparent poncho featured black lettering on the front, strategically covering some of her chest area, while buttons provided minimal coverage, leaving her curves exposed.

To maintain modesty, Censori cleverly used her phone to shield her lower private section, which lacked any branding. The coat appeared to display the word “DAILY” prominently, along with various numbers and letters above and below the logo.

Pairing her daring ensemble with black knee-high heeled boots, the 29-year-old kept her hood up and held hands with her husband as they braved the severe storms.

In contrast, Kanye West opted for a more conservative attire, sporting a black leather jacket, pants, rain boots, and gloves. He personalized his look with a black face mask covering his entire head and a large tarp-like beige poncho over his outfit.

The Yeezy employee even went through a latex phase.

This isn’t the first time the couple has been seen in clear rain gear, as they were previously spotted wearing similar outfits. In a previous outing, Censori wore a blue rain jacket, slightly less transparent than her latest choice, and paired it with black underwear. West, on the other hand, wore a tan Balenciaga jacket, black pants, and boots to complete his look.

February 7, 2024

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