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In a heartfelt announcement on his Instagram page, iconic actor Lateef Adedimeji shared the joyous news of receiving an honorary doctorate degree. The emotional post, accompanied by a captivating video, captured the moment representatives of the higher institution bestowed this esteemed honour upon the accomplished actor, recognizing his significant contributions to the world of entertainment.

Adedimeji’s caption reflected his deep gratitude and humility, expressing that his journey in the industry was driven not by a pursuit of fame but by a genuine passion for his craft and the lives he inspires. He wrote, “Today, I have a new title, one I couldn’t have imagined would come without me facing invigilators and keeping late nights to study…”

The actor, visibly moved by the recognition, acknowledged the irony of receiving such an honour without traditional academic pursuits, emphasizing the fruit of his labor, dedication, and hard work in his chosen field. Adedimeji proudly proclaimed his new title, “I AM DR. ABDULLATEEF ADEDIMEJI ADETOLA, Doctor of Philosophy in Art and Culture from Estam University, Benin.”

Lateef Adedimeji now joins the league of distinguished Nigerian celebrities who have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to their respective fields. The announcement follows a recent trend, with notable figures like Mr Macaroni and reality star Frodd also receiving honorary doctorate degrees, showcasing the industry’s acknowledgment of their impactful work.

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