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As the curtain falls on 2023, Chike, a prominent figure in Pop and R&B music, is bidding farewell to the year with a vibrant track titled “Egwu,” featuring the late Mohbad.

Translated as “Dance,” the song lives up to its name, offering an upbeat and energetic experience that beckons listeners to let loose and revel in the universal language of music.

Chike and Mohbad, in unison, declare, “Music needs no permission to enter your spirit. Anywhere, anyhow, you know you’ll feel me.” Their words serve as a musical anthem for the festive season, encouraging people to celebrate life through the art of dance.

The collaboration unfolds against the backdrop of an enchanting House Music production skillfully crafted by DeeYasso. Chike seamlessly weaves together Igbo, English, and Pidgin languages, creating a distinctive and culturally rich musical tapestry. Mohbad, with his unique baritone, pays homage to his roots, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the track.

In just 2 minutes and 10 seconds, “Egwu” leaves an indelible mark, leaving listeners yearning for more of this infectious musical celebration.

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