La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

As part of the Project tasks of the winner of the Face Of CandyCity includes values awareness among the Nigeria youths, etc. December 25th, Our darling Face Of CandyCity 2015, Queen Sassy paid a charitable visit to National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi

December 25th is Christmas and everywhere is gripped by festive momentum. But in the midst of the dining and wining that goes with the day, there are people, whose faces can hardly wear a cheer even though it’s a day of celebration. To these set of people who are either enveloped in gloom, are sick or confined to a place where their contacts with the world are highly restricted, Christmas means nothing. To them, there is nothing merry about Christmas and only a miracle can assuage their aching hearts or feelings of despondency. These ones, especially those in the hospitals, would readily trade anything in the world to also be enveloped by the frenzy and fervour of the season, if fate allows.

In the Children ward and adult Female Ward of the National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi, She chatted with the patients and said “even though you are not celebrating at home with your families, you are not forgotten… We Love and Care about you”.

“There’s nothing I can do about being here,” she says, with a smile briefly flashing on her face. “What if I was dead, won’t the celebration continue? So, I have told my children/Husband to go ahead and enjoy themselves. My only wish at this time is for God to heal me completely; he is the ultimate healer.”

The Beauty Queen did not only wish them Quick recovery, She also made Xmas Cake for them and gave them some valuable items.

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