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Comforts Fashion Stunning Showcase at Lagos Fashion Festival

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The Lagos Oriental, Victoria Island on the 2nd of March witness a festivity of art, music, and fashion. It was another edition of the Lagos Fashion Festival, and it was indeed a reawakening of creativity and innovation in the industry. The festival which showcased the best developing fashion designers, musicians, and other types of performing artists was a convergence of all forms of artistry and a showcase of both raw and refined talents.

The organizers of the festival were out to impact the people with diverse expressions of craftsmanship, and they delivered duly. It was also an avenue for artists to connect, initiate collaborations and be inspired for future inventions. There is no doubt that the festival has created a new appetite for lovers of fashion to embrace the new fashion trends created by showcase designers on display.

One of the fashion brands that stunned us with their ingenuity to steal the spotlight and become the focal point of creative discourse between critics, customers, and fashion writers, was Comforts Fashion, co-owned by Aishida Oluwambe Oladugba and Ayomitunde Peter Adegoke who are the lead designers. It is integral to state that the brand met the brief of its name, Comforts. Upon display on the runway, one could see that they had chosen skin and eco-friendly fabrics that merge luxury with comfort and elevate the dress sense of the wearer or proposed wearer. Their showcase presented a select variety of dresses and two-piece designs, all of which were adorned with unique aesthetics that complemented the choice of colour palette. Another effective choice they made was their fabric selection process which pivoted the patterns to the fore of each style. Their detachable urban dress design which can also be worn as a two-piece of a cropped top and a pleated skirt had everyone in awe.

Comforts Fashion also infused a light dose of cultural ideas into their designs to align with the festival’s multi-cultural theme for cultural diversity through fashion. Their trimmings were from Nigerian fabrics like Adire, while they also included the use of subtle accessories like cowries and coral beads in the tapping of some of the wear, thereby celebrating our cultural heritage and local craftsmanship.

The audience was receptive to Comforts Fashion’s designs with lots of applause to show how impressed they were. Fashion critics and other industry professionals gave remarkable feedback on the creativity, cultural beauty, packaging, and wearability of the showcased designs. After the runway showcase, Comforts Fashion had a crowd at their stall to reexamine the designs, with lots of fashion photographers and influencers looking to get insights into what the brand’s inspirations are.

Without a doubt, their presence at the event contributed to the recognition of the festival on a global scale and paved the way for potential collaborations and partnerships for future opportunities. The festival provided a fresh dose of designs for future trends, and it will be nice to see how much of that can be improved on during the next edition of the Lagos Fashion Festival.

March 20, 2024

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