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Crochet hair Extensions: All you need to know

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Having been popular from the late 90s to the 00s, Crochet braids (not to be confused with box braid) for some time now has been a growing trend. Crochet braids today have been influenced by the natural hair movement; the textures used are more natural-looking and the styles created are styles that you’ll typically see a naturalista sporting. Chances are you may mistake crochet braids for someone’s real hair, which is one of the reasons we’re big fans of the look.If you’re thinking about jumping on the crochet bandwagon, here’s everything you need to know about this trending hairstyle.

There’s often the misconception of crochet braid as in the hair itself, but it actually refers to the method of braiding. Crochet braiding (or rather ‘the crochet method’) is a way of adding extensions to one’s hair. As with a weave, the basis of the method is first cornrowing one’s hair then applying the extensions to the cornrows.

In addition to crochet braids being a protective style, they’re cheap,reusable, suitable for DIYs(do it yourself) and relatively fast to do.

Types of crochet braiding styles

Many people think crochet braiding styles are limited and can get really boring. We agree to disagree. Here are some chic and trendy crochet braiding styles recommended for you.

Already Twisted Hair

  • Cuban Twist Braid
  • Havana Twist Braid or Mambo Twist
  • Jamaican Twist Braid

Curly hair

Looking for the perfect way to style your hair without breaking the bank, Crochet braids are just for you.

August 26, 2019

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