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Davido Opens Up About Healing Journey Through Album, “Timeless”

Superstar Artist Discusses Recording Process and Emotional Significance Amid Personal Loss; Reveals Vision for "Are We African Yet" Festival
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Davido poured his heart into his latest album, “Timeless,” finding solace and healing in the creative process after the devastating loss of his son in October 2022. The renowned singer opened up about recording most of the album at home, surrounded by family, creating a calm environment that allowed him to rediscover the joy of making music.

Despite initially laying down 28 tracks, Davido emphasized the importance of his fans appreciating the album for its artistic merit rather than as a response to personal tragedy. In a recent interview, he shared insights into his concentration process, often finding inspiration and focus while on planes.

Addressing his “Are We African Yet” festival, set to take place in Atlanta on November 18, Davido expressed his desire to provide a platform for diverse artists, giving them the opportunity to connect with fans. He highlighted the festival’s goal of celebrating and owning African culture, emphasizing the need for proactive cultural initiatives rather than waiting for external influences.

Davido’s vision extends beyond Atlanta, with plans to expand the festival to other locations like Los Angeles and Toronto, aiming to make it a cultural staple.

November 18, 2023

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