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Davido Reflects on His Musical Journey, Afrobeats’ Global Rise and Set to Premiere New Single ‘Flex My Soul’

Davido will premiere his highly-anticipated single on the Billboard X Honda stage.
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Afrobeats superstar Davido recently sat down with Billboard for an interview, reflecting on his journey in music and the global success of Afrobeats.

In a behind-the-scenes video posted by Billboard, Davido shared how his love for music began at his mother’s parties when he was young.

“My mom used to throw a lot of parties when I was young, and from there, it kind of formed into me loving music,” Davido reminisced.

Starting as a producer, Davido transitioned into singing and became a music star with his debut single, even though he never imagined himself becoming an artist.

“In my head at that time, I never thought I would be in the forefront, be an artist. One day, one of my cousins decided to release one of my songs as me, and when I moved back to Nigeria, I just took it on full time,” he shared.

Davido also expressed his love for collaborations, especially in bringing artists into his world, highlighting his first single ‘Back When’ featuring Naeto C, which he also produced.

“My first single was a collaboration, so I love collaborating, especially like bringing them to my world,” Davido said.

He also teased his single ‘Flex My Soul,’ hinting at a female guest appearance on the track, which he seems set to perform on the Billboard Honda Stage.

Davido had previously previewed ‘Flex My Soul’ in 2023 ahead of the release of his record-breaking fourth album ‘Timeless.’

Reflecting on the global rise of Afrobeats, Davido emphasized that while there is now more access to the music, the vibe and essence of Afrobeats have always been present.

March 22, 2024

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