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Please note if you are dating a celebrity or a non celebrity for the purpose of being a baby mama and strictly for material gains then this article is not for you.
Back in the days the news that a young lady got pregnant through premarital sex was a NO! NO! Getting pregnant or impregnating someone before marriage was simply unacceptable conduct. The knowledge of the stigma encouraged girls to keep their legs together and guys to zip up.
Today things have changed celebrities and non celebrities who are suppose to be role models are having babies out of wedlock.
The marital pride of most young ladies out there is to be married legally. When dating please pray for wisdom and understanding to know the man better and also wisdom to enable you know how to go about the relationship.
Please note that getting pregnant to a guy is not a guarantee that he will marry you. So stop trying. Apply other meaningful relationship principles than thinking of getting pregnant before marriage.
Our Case Study Flavour And Anna Banner!!
Before we continue we will like to appreciate the beautiful baby girl God has blessed them with. The baby is so cute.
Flavour has history of a baby mama in his past relationship and Anna is aware of his past instead she ignored his past and continued dating and got pregnant. We are not saying pregnancy is not good but we are against it when you get pregnant lustfully without applying wisdom and out of wedlock.
Anna should have been ten times wiser while she was at it with Flavour by using protection since they were not practicing abstinence.
Flavour can’t even flaunt his babies openly like other responsibly happy daddies out there. For us our opinion is because he is confused and not ready for any commitment with any of his mamas. You see why being a baby mama isn’t sexy at all.
Wonderful ladies out there please concentrate on your education and career keep pushing and remain focused at what you do being baby mama is not sexy . So while you are being focused at your career and education ensure you apply wisdom when dating guys please don’t leave your sense in your hand bag. Remember the following when dating to avoid being a baby mama;
1. You are number one not a substitute
2. You are ambitious and full of purpose not a liability
3. You will make your parents and society proud
4. You are not an aspiring baby mama but a future wife
5. You are a role model
Don’t get carried away when dating celebrities (males) because higher level of wisdom is needed when dating this category of guys. Some of them are in the habit of having unprotected sex all over town and going about with the title of baby daddy like it were some kind of trophy or award.

Moral lesson
1. If you are a celebrity in any circle either beauty queen or actress or model please know that you are a role model and say no to baby mama syndrome because it is not Sexy
2. When dating a celebrity or a non celebrity don’t be carried away by his looks or fame
3. If you must have sex before marriage ensure you are protected but try and apply 100% abstinence he will respect and value you more and increase yourself esteem.
4. Be different stand out from other girls and win his heart to marriage by applying good and meaningful relationship principles and not by baby mama there is no pride in that title.
5. Do more of closing those sexy legs than opening because that is not a sure pass to his heart

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