Award-winning actress, model, and TV presenter Eku Edewor has taken on a dazzling new role as the global ambassador for DEJ Diamonds, formerly known as Diamond Eternal Jewellers.

In their latest collection, DEJ Diamonds introduces a stunning piece called REBIRTH – NKU (wings). The earrings, shaped like delicate wings, are crafted from carefully selected diamonds and luscious emeralds, complemented by a matching ring.

In an Instagram post, DEJ Diamonds beautifully described the inspiration behind this exquisite set:

“The gradual morphing of the pupa to an adult butterfly is a wonder to behold, her beautiful wings ready to fly and take on the world, has inspired our latest pieces.”

Eku Edewor, known for her elegance and poise, embodies the spirit of transformation and rebirth that the NKU collection represents. Her partnership with DEJ Diamonds brings a fresh and radiant energy to the brand, making these pieces even more captivating.

Swipe through the carousels below for more pictures of Eku rocking the Nku Earrings with its matching ring from DEJ:

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