Excitement as Face Of CandyCity 2015 Winner Visits Alma Mater!

Classes were suspended and drums rolled out to celebrate the visit of Face Of CandyCity 2015 winner, Queen Sassy Somma when she visited her Secondary School, Gracewell Academy in Surulere Local government of Lagos State.

Queen Sassy Somma, who arrived the school at 10:30am with her convoy, who are members of staff of the CandyCity Entertainment, James Photography, Galaxy Pixel Photography and BlackBase Entertainment crew, said she visited her alma mater (Gracewell Academy) to motivate, encourage and inspire them.


Queen Sassy Somma said: “This is my school, I am proud to be here today. I am here to encourage you to be focused, determined, strong, inquisitive, bold, creative, versatile, studious name it, be the best at whatever choice of discipline whether science, commercial or art variety is the spice of life, blend into whatever situation, environment or circumstances you find yourself. Am a product of science but while I was here i won miss Gracewell for 2007/2008 academic session I also bagged the social prefect the preceding year; I can go on and on. The essence of the whole story is to make you work hard at every point bearing in mind that a true scholar or a qualified scholar is a rich blend of take for instance fruit juice, would you rather take smoothie a blend of raspberry, pear, blackberry, plump, or just mango juice. Cause variety is the spice of life.
It doesn’t matter the class you are in whether by choice or your parents made you do it, try to be the best among equals we are the leaders of tomorrow because gwellites can’t afford to fail… thank you.”


The school Principal Dr. (Mrs) Nebechukwu A. A, VP Principal and VP admin, Mr Wasiu said they were happy to be remembered by Queen Sassy Somma. They said her visit would encourage some of the pupils to work hard in their academic endeavours.

While speaking to BlackBase Ent, Dr. (Mrs) Nebechukwu A. A said: “What is happening here today is that one of our ex-students and former Miss Gracewell Academy, who graduated from this school won Face Of CandyCity 2015. And as part of the activities to mark the end of her tenure in few months time she has returned to her school to pay a courtesy visit and launch one of her pet projects called “My Libri, My Pride”. We have a vision in this school and that vision is to be among the best school in Lagos State.”


After her talk was over, she was joined by principal, students, teaching staff of the school for rounds of photographs.

This was how it all went down at Gracewell academy, celebrating International Women’s Day 8th of March.. And the Queen; HRM Sassy Somma is now back to her Base as she make preparations for her Pet Project and more…


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