Exclusive Interview With Lopez Aramide

La Mode.: Tell us about yourself?

Lopez: My name is Aramide Lopez, I’m am a Model, a web developer and an Entrepreneur. I am 6ft tall from Lagos state. I love singing, dancing, fashion, going to the beach and hanging out with loved ones.

La Mode: What did you want to become when you were a kid?

Lopez; I wanted to become a Banker ????Dreamt of the corporate look coming out of my G wagon and calling the shots.

La Mode: What do you think about the Green October event?

Lopez: The green October event is crucial for fostering inclusivity and It’s important to educate everyone about various disabilities, their challenges, and the ways in which society can better accommodate and support individuals with disabilities. Promoting disability awareness helps create a more equitable and accessible world for everyone.

La Mode: What do you think about this year’s theme of Green OctoberEvent”Disability Awareness and Mental Health?

Lopez: Disability and mental health are both significant aspects of overall well-being. It’s important to recognize that disabilities can manifest in various forms, including physical, cognitive, sensory, and mental health-related challenges. Addressing mental health concerns with empathy and understanding is essential, as mental health issues can impact anyone and should be treated with the same consideration and support as physical disabilities. Promoting awareness, reducing stigma, and ensuring access to appropriate resources are crucial steps toward fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

La Mode: In what ways will you encourage Celebrities to be involved in charity projects?

Lopez: Celebrities have the ability to reach a wide audience and influence public opinion. When they use their platform for charitable endeavors, it can significantly boost awareness and support for important causes.

Use Social Media: Leverage their social media accounts to share information, stories, and updates about the charity. This helps amplify the cause to a wider audience.

Donate: Contribute financially to the charity or foundation they support. This not only provides direct funding but also encourages their fans to follow suit.

Volunteer Time: Offer their time and expertise by participating in workshops, mentoring sessions, or other activities that directly benefit the cause.
Among other things.

La Mode: Would you rather people perceive you as being kind, smart or attractive?

I would rather people perceive me as smart. In being smart, I will know I need to be kind and I will have all the knowledge I need to be attractive.

La Mode: Are you currently working on any project?

Lopez: Yes, I am actively involved in managing and developing my shoe and bag brand. @lopezshoess
It’s a demanding endeavor that requires constant attention to market trends, design innovation, and customer preferences.

La Mode: Where is the most awe-inspiring place you’ve ever visited or would want to visit?

Lopez: Thailand is the most awe inspiring place I have been to. It’s so beautiful, and glorious. I would love to visit Japan, it’s on my bucket list. I think I have a thing for Asia ????????

La Mode: What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Lopez: Stay true to yourself, be kind and prayerful.

La Mode: What motivates you to work hard?

Lopez: The good life and the need to influence the world positively.

La Mode: How would you describe yourself in five (5) words?

Lopez: Smart, Kind, Enterprising, Elegant and responsible.

La Mode: What’s a message you want to tell your fans?

Lopez: Always remain true to yourself, and remember The opinion of others should not be louder than yours.


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