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The recently concluded Warri Fashion Lifestyle Festival 2024 had Fashion by Mobez as one of the designers who showcased their works. The L’Adire collection was presented by the brand, and we can testify that every piece was carefully made with the beauty that only an Adire designer can produce. The collection has clothes for both Men and Women and it boasts shorts, dresses, pants trousers and shirts for everyone. The colours are also quite vibrant and beautiful.

Previous collections from Fashion by Mobez were either male-only or female-only but a joint collection is what we received this time around. One of the designs which were brought to the event was a pretty stylish jumpsuit. Ladies are beginning to want to have one or two jumpsuits in their collection and the simple design on the upper part of this jumpsuit will make it a great choice for anyone who picks it. There was also another short gown with spaghetti straps, the lower part of the gown is made to resemble a bit of a ball gown thus allowing for it to be paired with heels, pumps or even flats if the wearer so desires. There are also shorts for the ladies to be paired with peplum tops or shirt dresses. We thought few skirts would have been added to as it seems that skirts, especially miniskirts, are beginning to warm their way back into the fashion circle.

The men had a few Shirts designed for them. L’Adire Collection has round neck and shorts which can be combined with blazers to give a corporate casual look. Few blazers were made as standalone clothes for those who may need an adire blazer to complete or compliment a look. There were also few trousers for the men with some of these trousers having specific shirts or shirt dresses. The men’s part of the collection seems to be made with colours that allow for easy switches so that a good colour combination is achieved regardless. However, we were hoping to see at least one or two Adire suits for men. This may not necessarily be a whole suit but something that can be worn as officious probably because since the blazers were released with this collection.

The L’Adire collection wowed us all this year. The collection boasts colours such as Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Magenta, Red and Blue which were originally regarded as one of the major colours that adire fabrics are dyed as. We look forward to seeing what else Fashion by Mobez has in store for everyone.

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