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The Stoic collection is a fashion collection from the Sedeeq Royal Couture. The collection is for men who like kaftan and danshiki. This collection was part of the collections unveiled at the just concluded Warri Fashion Lifestyle Festival 2024 which also doubles as an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for Non-stop Fashion Show. The event was held between April 22, 2024, and April 26, 2024. The event featured numerous models, Fashion critics, enthusiasts, entertainers and even fashion designers who came to participate or simply enjoy the numerous works displayed.

The Stoic collection has fabrics like Cotton, Satin, Cashmere, Crepe, Silk, and Viscose. These fabrics are soft and shiny to various degrees, but they were used by Sedeeq Royal Couture to produce the beautiful pieces that make up The Stoic Collection. The fabrics used are quite comfortable for the wearers and do not require much aftercare or extra instruction. Cotton is known for its breathability and the fact that it was the fabric of choice for the full-length Kaftan, which also is a little bit as flowy as full-length Kaftas should be, makes the design well thought through. The attention to detail was well taken.

The collection itself might as well be themed minimalist as each cloth had no design on it and this made them quite regal and attractive on the wearer. The clothes in this collection were thoughtfully made as each piece was better than the previous kaftan and Danshiki collection which the brand had released in the past. Specifically, some of the Kaftans were made in the Northern style of making a full-length Kaftan along with trousers that are barely visible under the Kaftan itself. The Danshikis are equally simple yet good-looking probably because of the combination of no design and quite a few bright colors. Every piece of the Stoic Collection would make a Minimalist quite happy.

As regards colours, The Stoic Collection made maximum use of all the colours that were used in the making of the clothes for this collection. The colours are Red, Black, White, Hot Pink, Olive Green, Brown, Grey, and Royal Blue. The colours used for the Danshiki were so good that the fabric sold out just before the event ended. The colours for the Kaftans were well-chosen too as we got to see many placing orders for more of the full-length Kaftans especially the black one with a hoodie and a ninja face cover. That single design seemed to have been a major hit among customers who were present at the event.

The Stoic Collection had the Full-length Kaftan which had a hoodie and a ninja mask along with the red Danshiki as the star of the collection and this is quite a good feat for the brand, Sedeeq Royal Couture. Kudos to the brand and we look forward to more of their collections.

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