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Miss Daisy Collection is a collection of short and long gowns which are made by TradWest Couture. The collection is named thus because of the simplicity of the style. The collection was presented at the Warri Fashion Lifestyle Festival of 2024 which was held between April 22, 2024, and April 26, 2024, in Warri, Delta State. The event equally doubled as an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Non-stop Fashion Show.

The collection made use of fabrics such as Ankara, Kampala and Adire. The dresses had a few multicoloured designs and a few single-coloured ones. The choice of fabrics was to ensure comfort, elegance, and simplicity. Adire is made from cotton, and this means that the dresses made with this fabric would be quite comfortable to wear. The Kampala and Ankara might be a bit stiff to the touch as they are what can be described as stiffly starched Cotton Fabric. The gowns were made as short and long boubous which are well known for their ease of wearing and the fact that they often require fewer accessories. Boubous are known for how flowy they often look, and this collection boasts of gowns that are flowy enough to make anyone look like the average Rich Young Aunt that everyone likes to have at parties. The designs are quite minimal too and this makes the dresses perfect for lounge wear, events, and even regular day-to-day wear.

Miss Daisy Collection has various colours like Blue, Burnt Orange, Green, Black, Red, and White. These colours are mixed in such a way that they perfectly complement each other. The collection could do with single-coloured clothes as well, but the multi-coloured ones seemed to have been the centre of attraction for a lot of people at the event as many made enquiries about the short gowns while the few available ones were sold out. The Long gowns got some attention too especially the Orange and Blue Gown which has a dark patch in the middle of the chest region.

The Miss Daisy Collection, however, has a little downside. The name of the collection would suggest that one was to expect a collection that would be beautiful, colourful and with numerous designs on the clothes. Instead, it has colourful fabrics with little to no designs which, to put it mildly, is not very encouraging. We can only hope that the next collection will be better, more stylish, and colourful, and contain more designs for choice.

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