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Kally Fashion Hub presented its latest collection called The Minimalist Collection which was said to have been inspired by how many people just want something modest yet beautiful. The collection was presented at the Warri Fashion Lifestyle Festival 2024 which also doubles as an attempt to set a record of 100 hours for the Guinness World Record’s Non-stop Fashion Runway. The event had the Kally Fashion Show and numerous other fashion designers, models, and entertainment/fashion enthusiasts.

The collection features designs which were made using various fabrics like Taffeta, Cotton, and Cashmere. The choice of the fabrics added to the aesthetic which the designer seems to be going for because minimalism is a way of life for some people and because of this, they would want light fabrics. The only dress which seemed to have something fancy on it seemed to be a deviation from the theme of the collection as the style has ruffles near the knees. The same dress seemed to have been made from a fabric which looked like sequined lace, and this defeats the minimalist design that was being attempted. There was a particular navy-blue hooded shirt with trousers for the men – this better shows off the beauty of minimalism.

The Minimalist Collection looks plain to people who like to see colours and designs but for people who like it plain and simple, it is the most perfect collection for them to choose from. The collection had designs in Black, Mint Green, Lilac, and Navy Blue to mention a few. The unisex collection had sparse designs on some of the fabrics especially the ones for the men while some of the female clothes had minimal to no designs at all too. This collection raised so much of our expectations and heavily meet most of them. Despite the seemingly crushed expectations, the choice of fabrics and the simplicity of a few designs seemed like they knew what they were attempting to do. Also, we think that another name which would have accommodated all the designs in the collection was what they should have used. Hopefully, subsequent collections that pay utmost attention to colour, collection name, theme and even designs will be made.

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