Exclusive Interview with Miss Comely Queen South-East Nigeria!

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La Mode: What is your full name?
Queen: My name is Josiah Chiazoka Nethalie

La Mode: Tell us about your education background?
Queen: I attended Start Right nursery and primary school Owerri for nursery, Amen Montessori Children’s House Owerri for primary, and Marist Comprehensive Academy Abia for Secondary. Presently, am a 400level Law Student of Benson Idahosa University Benin City.

La Mode: Tell us about the pageant ‘’Miss Comely Queen Nigeria’’?
Queen: Miss Comely Queen Nigeria is a pageant set to taking giant strides against breast cancer in Nigeria and West Africa, the beauty pageant provides Beauty queens the platform to champion the fight against breast cancer, It is a pageant that is geared towards sustainable development and national transformation.

La Mode: What motivated you?
Queen: I was motivated by the decency and vision of the pageant.

La Mode: How has the experience been so far as a queen
Queen: It has been good all the way and it’s going to be best in no time, the 2015 election just made everybody busy.

La Mode: Who inspired you to be a Model?
Queen: Honestly, my dad.

La Mode: Describe yourself in three adjectives and explain why.
Queen: Smart, Beautiful and Unique. Because I honestly believe to be one of an existing kind with brains *smiles*

La Mode: What do you want to achieve in life?
Queen: Alot of things but my A-list is to be one of the top food and fruit provider for Nigeria, I want to have a large farm.

La Mode: As a reigning queen what pet project are you handling?

Queen: I have two pet projects which have kicked off (a) championing the fight against breast cancer and (b) Entrenching the right of the child.

La Mode: Looking at Nigeria in general what aspect will your reign affect positively
Queen: South-East Nigeria is my jurisdiction.
La Mode: What skills are important for choosing a career in modeling?
Queen: The person is to be smart, confident, and love what he or she does.

La Mode: What is your favorite part about being a model?
Queen: Knowing who I am and for the fact that people look up to me.

La Mode: Who is your favorite designer?
Queen: Ama array designs (OAU, Quarters maitama) , but most my ceremonial cloths is courtesy of Georgia Cassidy fashions (Owerri), Geovan Creation (Owerri), Meson Kulture (Benin).

La Mode: How do you stay up to date with fashion?
Queen: That is the work of my wardrobe supervisors.

La Mode: How is the journey so far?
Queen: It’s been stressful with beautiful outcome, nothing good comes easy.

La Mode: Which is your favorite fashion magazine?
Queen: None in particular but I love La Mode, it’s so original and Vogue.

La Mode: Who is your model icon?
Queen: My joan smalls and Adriana lima

La Mode: What is your view about modeling in Nigeria?
Queen: It is something we should not take as irrelevant, modeling in Nigeria is going to explode in no time.

La Mode: Have you chosen modeling as your full career
Queen: Not really, am still a lawyer in the making

La Mode: What magazines and blogs have you featured?
Queen: Alot so far; Pinkyvals, Agbosblog, Newsland, xposee, thegistpartner, Usa4records, royalimpression and many others.

La Mode: What awards have you won?
Queen: None so far but my Team has been Nominated for Best Pet Project ABFEON 2015 Awards

La Mode: What are your plans for the future?
Queen: To be a positive reference

La Mode: What is your advice for aspiring models?
Queen: Go get it, life is simple don’t make it difficult, identify with a Brand like Jhelp models if you want to be a Model and a prestigious pageant like Miss Comely Queen Nigeria. Finally, don’t forget God above everything.

February 13, 2015

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