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Fashion Trends: Print by Titi

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Prints is about pushing fashion to the limit, guaranteed attention grabbers with the bright colors, bold graphics, big florals, face prints, animal prints etc. Prints fabric comes in all colors and patterns and can be made into practically any outfit – from pants to skater skirts to shift dresses,even to blazers, hats and bikinis. What’s more? Prints can be mixed and one doesn’t need to be a fashion stylist to pull off this tricky look,there are just simple guidelines that can be easily figured out through the eyes (I’m serious!). Okay,here they are: 
Sticking to two different patterns for one outfit.
Two different prints been mixed should be from the same color palette. 
Two different prints been mixed should share one color,and not necessarily the main one. 

Prints outfits demand attention-getting accessories but not necessarily bogus or outlandish,you don’t want the accessories too busy to avoid the drowning look. Prints can be worn with any pair of shoes,depending on the style of the outfit so what’s not to love? Nothing! 

Article by Titi

July 8, 2016

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