We just launched our collection named in Igbo language “Omumu collection” and we hope you can help us get it out there.
Below is all you need to know about the collection .
Fashionjunkie9ja launches It’s first official collection named in Igbo “Omumu Collection” meaning (Birth collection) tells a story of the  Modern African woman who tries to use what she has to create(produce, give birth to) a whole new fashion statement
The new collection is a well thought out fusion of African and exotic prints exuding the Beauty , strength  confidence and ability of the African woman to thrive in any environment
Each piece named in a  native language,  reflects the different kinds of women you can find in Africa.
Preference: it includes shift dresses, Jalabia, Unisex Tunics, sweaters, Palazzo, shorts, Denim, pants and shirts

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