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Ever wondered how to start a business with little or no capital and being an Entrepreneur? Yes you can! Being an entrepreneurship is great, have good ideas and be determined.
You are happy to start a business. Maybe you have a good idea, or you are just fascinated with the idea of launching and growing your own enterprise. You are willing to take some risks, like leaving your current job , you just graduated and have been looking for a good job , or going without personal revenue for a while. But there is one obvious challenge and it is financial challenge. No money to start the business.
Here are five businesses you can start without breaking the bank or worrying too much about funds;

Fashion Retailer:

Businesses under fashion retailing include; Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Hair etc. This kind of business requires good business relationship with suppliers who sell cheaper rates to retailers. Download good quality pictures of the type of fashion retail business you want to start. Place the downloaded images on your social media platforms for effective marketing to friends and families .Once you have gathered your market reach , requests/orders will start coming in . Contact your supplies and make orders. Business has started.

Online Internet Research:

As an online internet researcher all you do is surf the internet daily and get paid per hour or monthly. Basically you help individuals and brands research on a particular topic or research area and get paid. The main tools for this business type are computer and a good internet access.

Career Counsellor:

As a career counsellor you do not need to break a bank to start an effective career counselling. Begin with a personality assessment and then work with your client to match his or her motivation. All you need is a good computer and internet access.

Nanny Service:

For this type of business you place nannies with families that hire your service. You charge clients for giving them nannies.

Event Planning:

This is a very good business. To thrive in this business you need to be able to coordinate, bargain and negotiate with vendors based on your client’s budget.

Article By Sandra Odige


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