2017 Green October Event Fashion Show Images!

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La Mode Magazine put together a fantastic show on October 1st at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lagos. The fashion show segment of the event had the following fashion designers showcase on the runway. They include;

  • Bella house of fab
  • House of Kosagh
  • Sammielle Couture
  • Hope Fashion
  • Gmyt Fashion Academy
  • Novjok Couture
  • Visible Proof
  • Makioba
  • Facinator by Omoge
  • House of beth
  • Dunskani Design
  • Agatha Moreno


The following are the various exhibitors;


  • Accost Collection
  • Fashionjunkie Collection
  • Be Fab by Beadakraft
  • Mojisola Alankara
  • Bunaj
  • Ma Bello Clothier
  • On -Ru Couture
  • Kelu
  • Yetrose Lane
  • Zandikam Visage

Here are the images of the fashion show and exhibition segment of the event.



Images of Exhibitors,

October 2, 2017

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