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How Rosabel Okpamen An Interior Design Expert Transformed An Orphanage Home In Benin City!

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Rosabel Okpamen known for her professional touch when it comes to interior designing has a story for us , how she inspired to transform the look of an orphanage home in Benin City, Edo State.
Here is here story;
One day I decided to go get myself an overall so I can at least look professional while going about my interior job. So we (a friend and I) started driving round Benin because we didn’t know the particular place to get one.
Then we drove past this particular street (Oro street) that I’ve never been to and he pointed to this signboard to me.

My people, immediately I saw this signboard I became worried, I was very disturbed, as in I completely lost my peace of mind, even when we have long driven past there this particular image kept coming to my mind and I was wondering what was wrong.

Through out that day I couldn’t think of anything else, even when I got home in the evening, this image (signboard) kept coming back.

I was like, abeg wetin come concern me concern this orphanage today na? it’s not like I’ve not seen an orphanage signboard before but while is this very one disturbing my mind like this? Then I picked up my phone and called a friend ( he is also and interior decorator) and narrated everything I just told you guys to him and he said, maybe you should visit the place and hopefully you may know while you have been so disturbed. He even promised to go with me if I want. Well, that was not a bad advice, so we scheduled to go there on a Sunday immediate after church service (that day was on a Thursday and the Two days in between was like two years to me) …will continue this story in my next post

Fast forward to Sunday, I could barely wait for church service to end, just immediately after benediction I called my friend and we went there together. As soon as I entered the place,Something said to me: THESE CHILDREN ALSO DESERVE TO LIVE IN BEAUTIFUL PLACE.
Boom! It hit me. I got the answer I was seeking.I have not really given to these set of people (orphans).
I met the people in charge Sir and Lady Nat Cole (the most wonderful couple have met)
I told them everything I experienced since I saw the signboard and I have decided to change the look of the place for FREE
They were like WOW! God bless you
Instantly I took measurement and pictures of the place and I told my friend who was by my side that I was only going to work on the reception, then he looked at me and said: IG (IG means interior goddess, that’s what he normally calls me whenever he want to tease ) Then he said IG, if you do only the reception then who are you leaving the office for? Whatever it’s worth doing at all is worth doing well!
Well, again he was right so I made the budget and started work two days later which was on a Tuesday (used Monday to get all my things together. I just needed my peace of mind back).
Silver and gold I have not but hey, I’m the goddess of interiors
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the new look of Cole orphanage
Would you believe one of the little girl @ Cole orphanage went to meet daddy (Sir Cole) and she said ‘ daddy if that lady can paint and fix wall paper then me too can be an automobile engineer ‘
Sir Cole called me and said Rosabel you have just inspired one of my daughter
Thank you all my lovelies for the like, thanks for the comments, thanks for the prayers, thanks for the Waka pass
I’m happy, they are happy, we are happy
I have my peace of mind back
Orphanage transformation has come to stay.
Will visit another one in another state next year
so help me God

October 19, 2018

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