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Meet “The Only Chica Loca In Town,” Famous Nkumu is a respected HipHop artist who makes scenes as a performer and a fashionist. Apart she presently holds her second degree in Accounting and Finance at Cambridge University.
Informed by her legacies , she is committed to creating community through music. She is one of the female central figures in Equatorial Guinea. With Nappy at the Roots, she
showcase a collective blend of English and Spanish to add up to her craft. So far she’s the first authentic Afro Spanish Hip Hop artist with style and versatility in Africa to be featured on a cypher in Ghana, produced by EddyKay’s Beatz.
Her new musical paths in her blend of Dancehall
and Hip Hop. As a lady Who Rock Keynote Performer, Famosa Nkumu experiences as a queer Hip
Hop artist reframe and expand our
understanding of the influence of women and women of color musicians and performers on
the creation of community, social activism and popular music aesthetics.
Ferlania Victoria Ntongono popularly known by her cognomen Famosa Nkumu was born on the 25 April 1990 at Equatorial Guinea Bata Litoral. She currently holds degree in accounting and finance Cambridge University.

Famosa Nkumu discovered her music talent at an early stage. Currently she’s not signed to any record label, but with her high hopes of pursuing an astute music career, she’s raring to go and strongly believes she will be seen from an underground artiste to a mainstream artiste. Her legacy is to make her dream a reality no matter how hard the struggle tends to be. Furthermore she has her own music group called “MPF”(MONEY POWER FAME).

With her high focus, determination and self motivation to become a stunt professional musician, Famosa Nkumu above and beyond the call of duty have started working with EddyKay Beatz who happens to be one of the highly known sound engineers in Ghana. Her music genre is AfroSpanish Hip Pop Dancehall, she blends Enlish, Spanish and her local dialect in her music. She brands herself as the “Only Chica Loca In Town” which simply means the “Only Mad Female Musician In Town”.She had her first interview on one of Ghana’s finest radio station (X FM 95.1) September 2013.

Famosa Nkumu being a hardworking artist, she has a couple of singles like “BABY LOKALE ft YaaPono produced by EddyKay Beatz, TANGKE ft Finger, produced by EddyKay Beatz, HEARTBREAK ft Kesse, BADGYAL LEVEL ft Amslin Ampra, HIGHLY IN LOVE ft Amslin Ampra, just to mention a few and moreover she was the only female to lay her bars on “UPTOWN ENERGY CYPHER” produced by EddyKay Beatz. She promises to make the best of the best with her style



Question: what events have you performed
Ans : I have performed in Afcon 2015 at the close ceremony in Guinea Equatorial
I have performed at a live band show in ghana and alonside normal playback shows.
I worked with soundcity ghana and they shot my AFCON
video Watch “FAMOSA FT BELCE LA PASION DE AFRICA” on YouTube – that was used as the theme song for the AFCON Football theme song
Have done two tv HOMBASE TV interviews + radio xfm too …in my hometown too.


Question: what is your ambition?
My ambition is to help young underground talented artist + taking care of orphans …
My ambition in my music career is to make history and that’s one of the things I just did to come out with my own style of music called”Afrospani$h” I also look forward to collaboration with other AFRICA artists Like Akon, 2face, Timaya..French Montana..

Question: what are your challenges?
my biggest challenges was no one considered me or give me that chance to express my artistic talents especially as a female.
Question:what are currently working on?
Am presently working on my Branding with an image branding consultant “FAM”to get a platform in Nigeria industry as I am an Africans too… Lol i did a song with Yaa Pono one of top artist in Ghana ..”Baby lokey” and “Tangke ” which I will be starting its promotion in all the Nigeria radio stations And i am very much excited about sponsor Europe tour… By Gepetrol, Mbaga record …although I am not signed under any record label yet

Question: Any project you working on, like what should we be expecting from you?
Nigeria should be looking out for my two videos dropping later this year that involves Doing a Tangke video with a collective of Nigeria major female artist …because of the meaningTangke which celebries African Female power plus my LokeyLokey single which has a yoruba theme.
Question: what is your advice to fellow upcoming artist like yourself?
What I will say will be directed to female artists is that Que no se rinden nunca es tarde ..meaning ins spanish they should keep pushing there dreams Up like I said BABY LOKEY LOKEY …

IG @famosa_nkumu54

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