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La Mode: Can we meet you?
Felix: Sure, my name is Adebayo Adebusola Felix. I am a graduate of Agricultural Economics from the premier university, University of Ibadan. I am the 2nd of 3 boys.

Adebayo Adebusola Felix.
La Mode: Tell us about your background?
Felix: I was born and bred in Ilesha, Osun state, and then I gained admission into the University of Ibadan in 2009, and then most of my adulthood was spent in Ibadan and Lagos.
La Mode: Tell us about your brand and how it all started
Felix: Felix Crown Fotografi was birthed when I was in my finals in the university. The photography business came to me as a result of part of what I was taught as an economist which is entrepreneurship. Considering what I enjoy doing the most I started the business.
Felix: Felix Crown is a basically a beauty, fashion and commercial photographer, but I diversify and shoot weddings as well.
La Mode: What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?
Felix: My type or genre of photography mostly is creative fashion and beauty photography, also functions genre such as weddings and the likes. However, I love the fashion and beauty genres because it gives me the ability to control my environment and be creative as much as I can. I love art, too.
La Mode: What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?
Felix: Hmm, the most challenging part of being a photographer for me is to been better than I was yesterday. I always have a saying; strive to be better at every attempt, which has been my inner motivation till now.
La Mode: Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style?
Felix:Purely, my style is creativity. I am a creator, I was born to create. I develop my style from firstly my imaginations and secondly from drawing inspirations from the works of other photographers, in my field and the rest. Photographers like KelechiAmadi-Obi (I love the painter in him), SpotlightPi, Prince Meyson (I call him the retouching god), AhamIbeleme, Emmanuel Oyeleke, Lindsay Adler, Jake Hicks, Aaron Nace ( amongst others.
La Mode: How many sessions do you do per month? Do you feel you want more work?
Felix:I do nothing less than 4 sessions per month and yes, I feel I want more work, I need to meet the passionate and creative people in other fields such as makeup artistry, fashion designing, hair styling, et al. I need to meet the top-notch in the industry.
La Mode: What inspired to be a photographer?
Felix: What inspired me was the fact that I love documenting memories. Moment flies, memories evaporate relative to time. Photography rejuvenates lost memories. Photography puts the ’f’ in life.
La Mode: What is your best and memorable shoot?
Felix: Well, my best shoot is the one I will be doing tomorrow but for now, my memorable shoot was the first one I had with a model named Anita, I basically have stocked my head with theories on camera settings, understanding lighting et al and it was time to practice, I flopped very well but I thank God I did good almost at the end of the shoot. You wouldn’t want to see most of the pictures now *laughs*
La Mode: What is your best photography tip?
Felix: Photography is not all about the gears. Photography is the creator in you, the photographer.
La Mode: What was your most challenging shoot?
Felix: Most challenging shoot was my first wedding job.
La Mode: What is advice for photographers just starting a business?
Felix: Never get the ‘get-all-the-gears’ syndrome. Bigger camera without bigger visions results in bigger frustrations. You can do wonders from what you have. And also, choose your centre and rule it.
La Mode: What is your best business advice for established photographers?
Felix: My best advice for established photographers is TO SHARE. Encourage sharing of your content; stop hiding and protecting it. Information is no longer a commodity; what you do with it is what matters. Ideas inspire, not achievements. Secondly, REACH OUT. Find a way to reach out to the little community that you inspire, create contests that would push upcoming and aspiring photographers as well.
La Mode: What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned as a photographer?
Felix: Patience, self-worth and human relations
La Mode: Tell us about your businesses outside of your studio photography business?
Felix :I am also a commercial retoucher for portrait, beauty and wedding photographers
La Mode: What is your advice for aspiring photographers?
Felix: You can be it if you believe it. You are a creator. You can learn it. Connect and surf wide, and yes consistency is key.

Find below images of some of his works;


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