La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

La Mode:Can we meet you?

Melvin: My name is Melvin Oduah. I’m an actor, Model and presenter.

La Mode:Tell us about your educational background?

Melvin:My primary school education was in Tomobid school Agidingbi Ikeja, Lagos.

Melvin:My secondary school was in Lagos State Model College Kankon.
I had my 1st university degree in University of Port Harcourt where I obtained a Bsc in Pure and industrial chemistry.
Then I went ahead to do my post graduate in Lagos state university where I studied Business Administration.

La Mode: How did you get involved in the entertainment industry?

Melvin:I’ve always had a passion for entertainment. I started as a model when i had just finished my NYSC. Then I began to explore other areas of Entertainment. Especially the Movie industry. Yeah, and that’s how I ended up being a full time entertainer.

La Mode: What makes you different?

Melvin:What makes me different is that I am ME. I am Melvin Oduah. I don’t try to be anyone else. I don’t fake anything. I believe everyone is unique in his or her own way. That’s what differentiates you from the next person.

La Mode:How many movies have you done?

Melvin:I really cant count how many movies that i have done. But they are well over 20.

La Mode : What has been your biggest achievement in the industry?

Melvin:My biggest acheivement will definitely have to be my participation in the 8th edition of Big Brother Africa tagged ‘The Chase’
It gave me a huge platform that I am making good use of.

La Mode: What is the role of social media in the making of a celebrity?

Melvin:Social media has become very important in the sense that it helps fans and people generally to keep up and stay in touch with their favourite celebrities. It helps them know about their works, involvements and so much more.

La Mode: Mention about any special recognition or award that you have received for your skills?

Melvin:I have received a lot of awards in the entertainment industry as a whole. Tava awards, Nigerian Models Acheivers Awards, Lagos Fashion Awards? West African Fashion Awards and so much more.

La Mode: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?

Melvin:Hardest part of being a celebrity is that u really dont have a private life anymore.

La Mode: What humanitarian activity are you known for?

Melvin:I do different humanitarian activities all the time. And i assist some of my colleagues in doing theirs as well.

La Mode: Are you working on any project?

Melvin:Yes. Am working on a couple of projects. They’ll be out there very soon.

La Mode: Do you see yourself as a fashionista?

Melvin:I really cant say. I know i love fashion but the passion that some others have for it surpasses mine with a huge margin. I look up to a couple of people in the industry in terms of how they dress and all that. So, its quite hard for me to say if i’m one or not. (Strange Right?)

La Mode: What is your view about fashion?

Melvin: My view about fashion is expressing ur personality with your appearance.
Personally, i love to hit the line between simplicity and fashionable. And thats actually my personality.

La Mode: What is your advice for youth thinking a career in acting and entertainment in general?

Melvin:Its usually not easy. So my advice to them is hard work, faith, patience and determination. And above all this, they should always put God 1st in everything they do. Cheers!!!


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