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A lot of women complain that after settling down in marriage or being in a long relationship with their man, the men don’t compliment them anymore or give them same attention like when they were courting or newly started a relationship. The question here is “Does the woman ever stop and think if she pays the same attention to detail to the things she first did when she started dating her man?” Hmmmm… I don’t think so because most women often get caught up with juggling household responsibilities and a career and most times dressing to get their husband’s attention doesn’t really rank very high on their list of priorities.
What beats my imagination is that when a woman’s husband was just her boyfriend and she was eager to impress him, she spent hours debating what to wear for a date. She simply wanted to look her best and nothing less would do. And when he appreciated the effort and complimented her, it was well worth it.
So, retaining your sex appeal for your partner and continuing to be attractive to him isn’t only about your physical appearance. It goes beyond that. So read on to find some guide to help boost your feminine charm to your man and then you will have the attention you seek!
This is a very important guide! Literal numero uno guide! By maintaining & taking care of your appearance, you have to spend a little time and money. Hey, I’m not talking cosmetic surgery here. It’s just a little pampering and beauty treatment like… Shape your eyebrows, get your facials done once in a while, fix and coat your nails with nice colours, get nice make up for your face, buy sexy lingeries. Never feel guilty for spending on yourself occasionally and that you have to justify it. Feeling good about yourself and having your spouse’s full attention on you is reason enough so, buy clothes that will make you look sexy and attractive even at home because choosing what to dress at home is very important especially if you’re married and your spouse constantly sees you in these clothing. So try to look good even while you are sleeping, wear an attractive night wear.

Another way you can maintain your appearance is to follow some kind of a fitness regime. It doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise, try and carve out at least 20-30 minutes for a brisk walk that will rejuvenate your senses and keep you in shape. Even though most times you can’t look the way you did when you married him, he won’t mind a little more of you to love, but you can try and ensure you don’t just let yourself go by going out of shape completely. If you can’t make the time to exercise, and even if you can, maintain a healthy diet and cut back on some calories. Maintaining yourself physically also contributes to your mental health, sense of self-esteem and even aids an active sex life, which is equally important in a good relationship.
Also, try to smell nice always, even when you are asleep. Most men get turned off by mouth & body odour. Make sure you brush your mouth and shower at least twice a day. Always wear nice fragrances. Your cleanliness is a continuous attraction to him.
There is nothing wrong if you show your husband just how much he means to you. Every single day, in some small way, tell him you love him, hug him often and kiss him like you can’t get enough. Knowing that and feeling like he’s the object of your affection will make him feel like a king and want to always have you as his queen.


When a woman indicates to her husband that she always has him on her mind & his happiness is of paramount importance to her, it makes him feel very lucky to have her in his life. So sometimes you can throw a surprise party on his birthday, cook his favourite meals, buy him tickets to his favorite show, he won’t get tired of your surprises and that will spice up your intimacy with your man.
Men like to be in control in all they do. So try to avoid being a nag in anyway… Learn to talk calmly at your man even when he upsets you & you are very furious, that way any misunderstanding between you two will be settled & sorted ASAP.
When it comes to sharing of interests, join him in his fun even though it seems very boring to you. Show an interest in things that fascinate him, so that he wants to share them with you and doesn’t have to feel guilty about his passions, but can enjoy them with unadulterated pleasure. Quite often, when it comes to their passions, men are little boys in big bodies. And just like kids, they have to be given a little attention and should be pandered to occasionally. So go girl! Share in his interests and gain control and intimacy with your man.

Most women tend to be shy when it comes to maintaining a healthy sex life with their man. My dear, sex makes your Relationship/Marriage a pleasurable one. Don’t always wait for him to initiate sex. Occasionally try to make the first move. Tease and tantalize him because sometimes, your partner could be probably preoccupied with boardroom tactics so it’s about time you took over the bedroom maneuvers. You too can be in control.

Trust me, if you have the ability to find humour in everyday situations and can share a few laughs with your partner, it goes a long way towards retaining the spark in your relationship and it will increase your attraction to your partner. Laughter, as always, keeps a relationship alive.
Dear ladies, it doesn’t take much to put these guidelines into your lifestyle to constantly have that attractiveness & attention from your man. You all deserve to be appreciated & be happy always, so put a little extra effort to make your relationship enjoyable. Above all, PRAY FOR YOUR MAN!


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November 20, 2014

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