Lil Nas X has once again managed to stir the pot with the release of his music video, “J Christ.” The provocative video showcases Lil Nas X in various religious roles, from Noah steering an ark through tumultuous waters to a depiction of Christ on the cross. The visual spectacle also includes a basketball game against the devil, where Lil Nas X skillfully breaks the devil’s ankles.

The lyrics of “J Christ” further intensify the religious themes, with lines like “Back up out the gravesite/Bitch I’m back like J Christ,” making it a focal point of the controversy.

Unsurprisingly, the video has faced criticism from certain Christian circles, deeming the imagery disrespectful and offensive. However, amidst the backlash, an unexpected supporter emerged — the Church of Satan. Magister David Harris, a prominent figure in the Church of Satan, openly commended the video, describing the imagery as “fantastic.”

Harris drew parallels between Lil Nas X’s ability to go viral and the Church of Satan’s belief in “lesser magic,” which involves manipulating people to achieve desired outcomes. Despite Lil Nas X’s portrayal of religious figures and themes, the Church of Satan, known for rejecting traditional religious norms, doesn’t react with anger to such depictions.

This isn’t the first instance of Lil Nas X receiving support from the Church of Satan. They had previously endorsed his “Montero” music video, particularly praising the scene where the rapper defeats Satan and claims his crown. Magister Harris, impressed by Lil Nas X’s creative prowess, expressed a desire for the rapper to direct a feature-length film.

Lil Nas X, who declared his separation from the devil, seems to be maintaining a controversial yet creative trajectory in his work. Despite the rapper’s intention to break away, the Church of Satan continues to back him, appreciating the bold and imaginative expressions that have become synonymous with Lil Nas X’s artistry.

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