Little Things You Should Remember to Put in Your Purse Everyday

These are essential things that will keep you organised and ready for those mini-accidents on the go. You should know that a heavy purse will definitely bring discomfort and we always end up not using most of its contents. These are little things that could be needed at anytime.

First is a safety pin. These little helpers can be used in case of wardrobe malfunctions.

If you make use of public transport, you definitely need hand sanitizer.

Another important thing to throw into your purse is a breath freshener because bad breath is always a turnoff. Always keep mints or gum in your purse.

Tissues and facial wipes are also important. Pack a mini-bottle of lotion just in case your hands get dried or you just want to smell nice.

Never forget your phone charger or power bank so that you will avoid communication problems.

Ear ring backs, bobby pins and hair ties are little things that could come in handy at any point in time so it is good to carry extra of these in your purse. Most times it is always safe to take pain killers, lip balms and feminine products.

Finally, always remember to carry a valid form of identification at all times because you never know when it would be required.

Other things you should try not to forget are earphones, sunglasses, notepads and pens.

All these are simple little things that do not take up space or add significant weight to the purse but also provide great aid at odd times.

-Ademola-Law Adeola Faith

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