“Madu”: A Heartfelt Documentary Tracing the Inspiring Journey of Anthony Madu

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Anthony Madu’s extraordinary journey from dancing in the rain in Lagos to earning a scholarship at the renowned Elmhurst Ballet School in the U.K. is beautifully captured in the upcoming documentary, “Madu.”

Anthony Madu in “Madu”

The film follows the 12-year-old’s courageous transition from his home in Nigeria to a new world in England, where his dreams become attainable.

The trailer offers a glimpse into Anthony Madu’s remarkable story, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he faces along the way. The documentary explores themes of belonging, acceptance, and the unexpected obstacles that could shape Madu’s future.

Anthony Madu and his mother in “Madu”.

Directed by Oscar nominee Matt Ogens and ‘Kachi Benson, “Madu” promises to be a moving narrative that goes beyond observation, allowing Anthony Madu to share his story in his own words. The filmmakers express their dedication to giving Madu a platform to be heard, emphasizing that their shared journey is about creating an understanding of different cultures through a personal connection.

“Madu” is set to premiere on the opening night of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 7 and will later be available on Disney+ starting March 29.

February 1, 2024

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