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Meet Ejen the Talented Gospel Artist

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Who is Gospel Artist Ejen

Ejen is an R and B, Afro Pop, Hip Hop Gospel artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is signed to “Arise”, an indie record Label that is a platform for selected gifted Gospel Arists that bring into the market place, the message of Good news and life purpose through Songs, Spoken word, and Poetry. Arise is headed by Mr. Hepzibah Kay Akinrele, an accomplished engineer, investment manager , talented poet organizer and a manager with a deep spirit filled connection and commitment to helping the community.
Ejen is a Praise and Worship leader at her home church (Guiding Light Assembly). She has a heart of worship which is a challenging and yet encouraging act to the youths of this generation. Her unwavering passion for God is an inspiration to both the young and the old who come in contact with her music. Ejen has always been known for her uniqueness and exemplary delivery in her music.
Singing from the age of 9, she has seen her life metamorphosed from one stage of singing to another. She has transitioned from the Children, Teenage and Youth Choir in her time at the Believers Loveworld Fellowship at the University through to a praise worship leader at her current church today.

Why music as my profession and my music style

Music was something I really wanted to do from when I was young but having had a first and second degree in international studies and diplomacy from the University of Calabar and Lagos respectively, I first wanted to work for UNICEF because my focus then was on the wellbeing of children and working with several NGOs. I soon realized there was never a struggle for me with music and I had a real love for it. The decision was inevitable. It was music.
Being a praise and worship leader at her church, people seemed to always want to put me in a box, expecting me to only sing slow worship songs as this was the stereotypical songs seen of a Gospel artist.
Gospel music is about the Good news. It can be a ballad, Hip Hop, fast or slow. I have love songs on my new album, but the context is Biblical, it’s not the drop it on me kind of love songs though…lol.
Gospel music is an embodiment of all types of biblical preaching on peaceful coexistence, the obeying of authority, the teaching of morals according to biblical standards, shunning violence and corruption. There is also the essence of praise and worship to the Lord in Gospel music. The bible is so complete because it talks about all of the afore-mentioned and much more.
Further, being a worship leader at my church is a privileged and honor as I do not take it for granted, especially having to minister under a humble man of God Pastor Wale Adefarasin, my Pastor.

On recording my EP (extended play) album

Recording my EP was very interesting for me, it was the first time I will be recording under a record label management and you always have to reach a compromise with them on their choices.
I had a lot to learn because I was used to doing things on my own, the feeling was a bitter -sweet kind of experience. Sweet that I was beginning to live my dream, bitter because the route was tedious; you have to be at endless strategy meetings. It included waking up early in the morning because there was a deadline, having endless nights in the studio and developing eye bags that I had to hide with make-up (lol) from being awake the whole night researching and rehearsing.
I’m grateful that researching is one of the core values of what I studied in school, allowing me to often look up trends and all that is happening in the music industry. I find myself constantly looking for information, listening to “Mary Mary”, Mandisa, Kari Jobe, Loyiso, Aretha Franklin, the late Whitney and Kefee and not to forget Alicia Keys. Constantly looking for ways to be better is a prerequisite of an artist mastering his or her craft. .

On my EP

The Extended Play (EP) is titled “Fusion”. It’s a symphony of several genres of music, so my fans should expect to dance and to bask in the euphoria of his presence on nicely produced beats, tunes and lyrics.
My songs are already hitting the radio waves. The first one is Alagbara lo ni show, a song that reveals the prowess of God especially the fact that he does not brag but he commands respect, Ololufe is a love song of the vows that couples take on their wedding day. Ololufe came about as a result of the many divorces that are now a trend in the society. We wanted a song that couples can relate to, be reminded of the sanctity, covenant and bond of marriage that can be danced to on that special day, before it and thereafter. Almighty God Almighty King talks about the sovereignty of God, knowing that he is always there when we go through thick and thin. Blow is a song of Hope knowing that one day all will be better.
On the biggest misconception about Gospel artists
Gospel artists are sometimes thought of as perfect and never expected to make mistakes. But that’s not true, they are just human vessels God uses. I feel that’s the biggest misconception about Gospel artists.
Sometimes however, a Gospel artist may allow the drive to make a Hit song overshadow the ministry purpose of the artist’s music. What I am also saying is that God hasn’t primarily called us to be FAMOUS but to be GREAT by walking in one’s divine purpose. One can become very famous but with no substance or with little to offer but when you are divinely great, you are well balanced in every way or in at least all of the important ways in this life.

Last words for my fans

Thanks for being part of the family of Arise and loving Jesus more through Ejen’s music. We are here because of Jesus, the Jesus that people can see in us as we love and help one another thereby making the world a better com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_10591-682×1024.jpg” alt=”IMG_1059[1]” width=”640″ height=”960″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-1054″ />

February 18, 2015

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