20 year old Teni Adeola, a student at TheNew School majoring in culture and Media is certainly a young woman with style in abundance. often spotted in luxury labels such as Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Teni has a great sense of style that is a force to be reckoned with.
However the most important of all, is her very own brand ‘Slashed by Tia’

Teni Adeola is the next big thing in fashion according to Teen Vogue and we’re inclined to agree





According to glamour.com, Teni began her career in fashion as an intern in Lagos, Nigeria. She was 12 when she was given an opportunity to work under celebrated Nigerian designer Ituen Basi . Around that time, she began reading fashion-history books, designer biographies, and old magazines, as well as taking more traditional, hands-on sewing classes and textile workshops. Basi would urge Tia to pursue this type of fashion scholarship and commit to research before designing and experimenting with complex silhouettes, a lesson that remains with her today.

Having learnt what she could from Basi, Teni went on to start her own label when she was just 18 during her first year of university, in New York. Teni began by making clothes for herself; clothes that she felt comfortable and beautiful in, in the hopes that other girls would feel the same. Judging by the large following she has amassed on Instagram, it’s clear that the brand has resonated with other young women like herself.

Slashed by Tia pieces are instantly recognisable . A sea of ruffles and frills in sheer fabrics, Slashed by Tia’s pieces aren’t for the faint-hearted. The brightly coloured sheer outfits are a battle cry for the female body, designed to show it off in all its glory.





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