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Victory Ifeoma Njoku is the chief executive officer at VickyHeldan. She has always had an undying love for fashion and everything that has to do with beauty, elegance and class right from her formative years.

At a young age she dabbled into modeling, and a few years in, she discovered the essence of beauty through clothing. This informed her decision to pursue a career in fashion designing.

In the course of exploring the world of fashion and drawing inspiration from inexplicable sources, she has garnered a great deal of experience which she constantly infuses while creating different clothing.

She has worked with celebrities in the Nigerian Entertainment industry and other individuals within and outside the continent of Africa.


The VickyHeldan brand is an avant-garde couture house created out of a passion for giving every day people comfort in clothing.

VickyHeldan was established in 2011. It was born out of an undying desire that is deeply rooted in vintage and contemporary exploration when creating aesthetics and style with various types of fabrics and also delivering every garment with a keen eye for good tailoring and fitting.

The brand aims at creating an afrocentric influenced design for those in Africa who desire to keep their African heritage alive as well as western influenced designs for both classes of people that desire style and comfort outside the confines of Africa.

The guiding philosophy that projects creativity at VickyHeldan is FREEDOM, COMFORT and CLASS.

The brand has featured in several fashion shows and has enjoyed a great deal of favorable reception in Nigeria from inception till date. It has also featured in publications within and outside Nigeria.


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