The best thing about beards is their impermanence. You could grow one permanently or you could decide to go for the razor. Your beards can never grow back the same way. It perpetually changes.

For those in need of an image change, Facial hair is a sound investment. Growing a beard is much cheaper than overhauling your wardrobe. It’s safer than cutting your own hair and infinitely less risky than trying something ‘new’ on your head.

Before you start on this bearded journey to redefine your look, learning to groom the right length is very essential.

We definitely don’t want your beard looking out of place!

It is important to understand the way your hair grows and it takes a certain level of commitment to get the perfect beard fit. Here are some guidelines to achieving the right length for your face type.


We know that to grow facial hair, staying off the razor is the first step. This is when the stubbles starts showing. There are ways to keep stubbles looking fresh to accentuate certain features.

How long stubble takes to show depends on the individual’s personal growth pattern,

but generally two-to-five days for proper coverage all over. Stubble is a good option if you have a larger, rounder face. By sharpening up certain lines around your cheeks, you can give more angles to your face – think of it as make-up for men.


Use a trimmer on anything from 1-3mm and trim your beard twice a week, rather than daily, so you don’t damage your skin.Always use a light exfoliator before, or a face wash depending on your skin type, and moisturise afterwards so that your skin can handle the abrasions of an electric razor.

Short Beard

This is your holiday beard. It only really works if you have full facial coverage, but stay patient at the early stages if not;it might look better after committing to some growth, then trimming.

Given that facial hair grows at a rate of around half an inch per month, growing a short beard usually takes around five to 10 days.

A short beard works best for those with a good, even facial hair growth. If you have patchy facial hair, this will just further highlight the gaps.


Use a trimmer set at 3-5mm. If you have thicker growth in some areas (the moustache, usually)

go a grade shorter on that area so it looks even. Also, remember to get rid of any hair hanging over your top lip by using the trimmers guardless. As with short stubble, you need to take care of your face here, so use an exfoliator and a moisturiser to keep it in good condition.

Tailored Beard

A tailored beard is defined by neat, full-facial coverage, but is kept trim (no longer than a centimetre at any point).

It takes two-to-four weeks for the growth, but that’s where the upkeep kicks in. A tailored beard is a good option if you work in a smarter environment. It’s a neat look, which aims to remain consistent and even all over. As such, it’s great for those looking to emphasise cheekbones or a strong jawline; inversely, ideal if you’re looking to make a small chin look fuller, or slim down a rounder face.


Use your trimmers every three or four days to achieve your desired length; taking hair slightly

shorter on the areas which have fuller growth. Rinse your beard with water and dry off with a towel,

then smooth down with your hands using a small amount of styling paste or a beard balm to keep it looking neat.

Facial hair scissors will also help get rid of strays in between trims.

Longer Beard

For guys with testosterone by the fist load (or just good genes) being about to grow a long beard in one of the perks.This is when the hair begins to properly move away from the face. It takes roughly two to three months to achieve. It’s a commitment, and there’s work to be done along the way.


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