Photos: La Mode Magazine Disability Foundation: Giveaway Love Outreach For Persons with Disabilities.

The La Mode Magazine Disability Foundation had a love giveaway outreach for persons with disabilities today August 31st . It was a fun filled gathering of love and sharing. Lots of items were shared. It was indeed a successful gathering. The love outreach was headed by the founder Mrs Sandra Odige who is the CEO/Publisher of La Mode Magazine.

‘‘LA MODE MAGAZINE DISABILITY FOUNDATION’’ empower persons with disabilities by providing job opportunities, skills acquisition training and support. The foundation also advocates and creates awareness for persons living with disabilities. It is an advocacy awareness foundation, where persons with disability are given a voice. The signed Nigeria Disability bill emphasizes the right to life, equality, and non-discrimination for persons with disabilities. Hence, the foundation is creating more awareness on the need for people to show love and support for persons with disabilities.

The problem of low confidence among persons with disabilities not being able to show their disability, is a problem the foundation is resolving. To solve this problem of ‘’Low Confidence’’ the foundation constantly celebrate persons with disabilities through the foundation and the magazine platforms which will help in achieving an inclusive society. · Do you know that there are about 25million Nigerian living with disability? · Are you aware of the signed Nigeria Disability Bill? · The Nigeria disability bill is to protect & promote the rights of persons living with disabilities? · This bill, if properly implemented, will provide for the right to free education, free healthcare, prohibition from segregation, right to work and employment? · This bill also provides for the right to participate in politics? · Persons living with disabilities are also human beings who did not choose their paths for themselves?


ave you done anything to make the lives of people living with disabilities better?

Do not discriminate or harm persons with disabilities.

This is a call to serve humanity and promote the well-being of persons living with disabilities.


To Support the foundation call 08181662198, 08104898062, 08153039390

Instagram @lamodemagazinefoundation

Twitter: La Mode Magazine Foundation3

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