My EKO Story: Cabo Snoop

My EKO Story: Cabo Snoop
Country: Angola
Profession: Musical Artist
   All the way from Angola I got to Nigeria by 6am[WAT] It was nice coming to Lagos again after 5 years, called my good friend Swazzi to come pick me up at the airport, he got to the airport and took me to Eko Hotel where I lodged. I performed at corporate Elite show alongside Jidenna, P Square, Tiwa Savage etc it was nice seeing my old time friends, tho my English is bad cos I speak Portuguese but my friend Swazzi who understands the language interpreted for me. After that we shot Swazzi’s video for Skolo and I got to work with Olamide on a song called “Awaa” prod by Femkeyz and written by Swazzi. In the song I sang with Nigerian Pidgin and Igbo. I planned to stay in Nigeria for two weeks but the warm welcome I got from the people here made me stayed for over a month.
      I worked on most of the songs in my upcoming album in Nigeria with Femkeyz, Swazzi and other featured artists. I had interview with lots of people but one that I will not forget so soon is the one with Hiptv on the mainland, through out my stay I was mainly on the island till that day, when they told me about going to mainland I was so excited cos am a ghetto boy too and thought it’s same thing with this one but hey!!!!! I was stressed out on traffic and hectic life there on the mainland, I got to see the other side of Lagos and how people really hustle here to make ends meet. After that I was taken to a local restaurant by my people here and I ate Eba and Egusi soup, Wow it was so sweet and lovely. After that I told them I want to be eating more of Nigerian food and that was how they took me to another restaurant to eat rice and I demanded for Naija Jollof cos I have heard a lot about it, I tasted it and I loved it and now it’s my favorite Naija meal.
     The people of Lagos Nigeria are good and awesome people cos the way they treated me during my visit, I have never been treated that way in other cities I’ve been to. Lagos now is my second home cos like I always tell my friend Swazzi, if to say I don’t have family in Angola, I would have based here cos I love this city. Thank you Kevin Koya for giving me the opportunity to share my Lagos Experience, am on my way to the airport now pretty sad, I don’t want to leave this city and I miss my son too. Can’t wait to come back soon!!! Bye Lagos! Obrigado 🙏🏾
Muse: Cabo Snoop @cabosnoopofficial
Creative Director & Stylist: Bidemi Kevin Koya @thekevinkoya for @regalandekoya
Photographer: Iyinkaye Alameen @photons_photography
Assisted by: Percy Basil @percy_photo
Shoot Location: Falomo Bridge
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