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My humble journey in the fashion world didn’t start with me alone, so much credit is given to my late husband who in him, I not only found a soulmate but a mentor that took his time to groom and nurture me into the independent woman you see today….I must confess, so far it’s not been a rosy road trying to juggle motherhood, business and family…they all come with their unique challenges which in most cases can leave you crippled …as everyday comes it’s own issues, I hold and unto God and draw strength from Him…I’m not perfect for nobody is, the ability to learn from them pushes you to be better. What I’m trying to say in all honesty is that “you have to craft a believe system that works for you, you hold it dear to your heart and protect it with all you’ve got, for at the end of the and you alone are accountable for your actions and lack of, so in whatever you do keep your head high and never quit, the world wants nothing more than to see you fail and it’s up to you to prove yourself right for you Owe it to yourself to conquer your fears!!!

This is dedicated to everyone especially the women out there holding theirs down, grinding hard and having faith knowing that there’s always gonna be light at the end of the tunnel…. beccaneedlesnstitches


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