Neema Godwin popularly known as Neema is a fast rising model, social ambassador and beauty queen as she currently holds the Miss Fotogenix Nigeria 2014title. Her personal vision is to leverage on her career as a model to create a platform bolstering women employment, significance and independence.
As a model, Neema has featured in more than 10 fashionmagazines including La mode and Hardknocks magazines and worked with multinational brands including MTN scoring a poster child model slot for the MTN Magic Voice Caller Tunes campaign and has featured on several commercial jobs across Nigeria including Vitafoam and is set to innovatively build a broad professional portfolio in billboard and aesthetic and fashion modelling both locally and internationally.

As a social ambassador, Neema is the founder, Pink Woman Project, a social campaign designed to empower indigent women in rural and urban areas, utilising this channel to change the world, one woman at a time.The Pink Woman Project is a platform to boost the welfare of women through project activities which includes philanthropy, empowerment through business development and micro funding to increase family sustainability through women contributions.

Neema has a degree in sociology from the prestigious University of Lagos. She is a highly sociable person and has attended many high profile events in Nigeria. She is also actively pursuing acting and presenting as fulltime careers.

Connect with Neema through the following handles;

Facebook: Ann Neema Godwin

Twitter: @_neemanne

Instagram: @neemanne

Snapchat: neema01


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