Netflix has unveiled a groundbreaking new original crime thriller titled “Blood Vessel” by Play Network Studios billed for premiere December 8, 2023.

Poised to make waves on screens in fews days, “Blood Vessel” unfolds a narrative that delves into the immigration experience from lower-income countries. Exploring the themes of love, friendship, loyalty, and brotherhood, the movie plunges into the depths of desperation and determination.

“Blood Vessel” is set in the Niger Delta region, the movie Executive produced by Charles Okpaleke and directed by Moses Inwang, follows the fate of six individuals brought together by chance, while escaping a town devastated by oil pollution, who inadvertently become stowaways on a mysterious ship, unaware of the dangers that await.

Abbey, Boma, Degbe, Olotu, Tekena, and Oyinbraekemi desert their small island village in the Niger Delta region of Southern Nigeria for different reasons. Tekena and Olotu are brothers who are sailing to the Americas for a shot at a better life while Boma and Degbe are escaping the scourge of the military after a protest gone wrong. Abbey and Oyinbraekemi are ill-fated lovers, trying to escape destiny.

They pay for passage on a vessel sailing for South America, unknown to them that the vessel is transporting stolen crude oil.

What was meant to be a shot at a better life for the six of them becomes a fight for survival, testing friendship and betrayal, love and vulnerability, time and chance, life and death.

The thriller is coming on the heels of Play Network Studios earlier Netflix release June 2022, Glamour girls, which was highly successful after its release, hitting the Number 1 spot on Netflix in Nigeria, and reaching the Top 10 spot in 20 other countries worldwide including the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Belgium, Panama and Nicaragua among others only a few days after its release.


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