Nicola Peltz Beckham Shares Wholesome Behind-the-Scenes of Beckham Family Holiday

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Over the holiday weekend, Nicola Peltz Beckham and Victoria Beckham treated fans to a delightful behind-the-scenes look at the Beckham family’s Christmas celebrations. The festive gathering was filled with collaborative cooking, Santa hats, photobombing, and plenty of laughs, showcasing the heartwarming moments that define the Beckham Christmas tradition.

In a charming TikTok video set to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” the Beckham family, including David, Victoria, Cruz, Brooklyn, and Harper, was captured in various candid moments. The video featured Brooklyn and David in the kitchen, Victoria donning a Santa hat, family selfies, and humorous photobombing antics.

David Beckham works the vacuum during family Christmas gathering.

Cruz lent a hand in the kitchen, while Harper joined her brothers at the table for a family chat. The video highlighted festive scenes of lobster, gravy-pouring, and even David and his sons working the vacuum.

David and Brooklyn Beckham show off a Christmas dish.

The TikTok ended with a lighthearted moment as Victoria playfully teased David about taking out the trash during the Christmas festivities, humorously comparing it to Jennifer Lopez. Victoria later shared the same clip on her Instagram Story, extending the joke by tagging Lopez and asking if she had to do the bins.

The Beckhams hang out with Santa on Christmas Eve.

The Instagram Story continued to showcase the Beckham family rocking Santa hats, posing with Santa himself, and enjoying the holiday festivities. A digital Christmas card featuring all four Beckham kids spread love and kisses, creating a warm holiday atmosphere.

Romeo, initially absent from the TikTok, made a later appearance in Victoria’s Story, joining his siblings Harper and Cruz for a photo with Santa. The caption read, “Santa came to visit!!” capturing the joy and magic of the Beckham family’s Christmas celebration.

December 25, 2023

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