In September, Rick Owens delivered one of the best collections of the spring 2019 season with a show that was thought provoking theatrical, and early tapped into the current political and social climate.
the presentation conjured up images of witches burning at the stake, and—whether deliberately or not—it also drew parallels to the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford trial, which was happening in full swing at that time.

So when it came time for the designer’s look to make its red carpet debut, it only made sense that it would end up on one of the music’s most compelling and out-spoken artists, too.

At the Soul Train Awards n Las Vegas, Erykah Badu shut down the step from head to toe in her Rick Owens outfit.

With its laser-cut, floor-length coat and sliced latex dress, the hand-crafted piece made for performance art in its own right—an ensemble that was only rendered more dramatic with accessories such as a mouth harness and the tall, wired headpiece that was originally worn on the runway. Wildly unexpected for a typical red carpet setting, Badu’s outfit embodied the disruptive spirit that Owens stands for: a fashion moment well executed.


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