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Ownership Dispute Over Netflix Series “Shanty Town” Erupts Between Ini Edo and Chineye Nworah

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Actress Ini Edo and filmmaker Chineye Nworah are currently entangled in a legal battle over the ownership rights of the Netflix series “Shanty Town.”

The conflict emerged after Netflix Africa initiated discussions with Nworah and Giant Creative Media for a second season of the series, following its initial success. However, Edo issued a legal warning to Netflix on January 15, 2024, demanding that they halt negotiations with Nworah and Giant Creative Media regarding any new seasons.

In her lawsuit, Edo contests Nworah’s exclusive rights to the series, citing their original agreement. Edo, Nworah, and another partner, Joy Odiete, entered into an agreement in December 2019 to produce five movies over ten years.

See a copy of Edo’s cease and desist below:

A subsequent deal in June 2021, involving Minini Empire Productions, Giant Creative Media, Nevada Bridge TV, and Champion One Entertainment, further solidified their collaboration under the “Shanty Town Investment Agreement.” This agreement specified that the intellectual property rights are co-owned by Minini Empire Productions and Giant Creative Media, entitling them to 5% of the total profits from the project.

In response, Nworah released a press statement asserting his sole initiation and copyright ownership of “Shanty Town,” urging the public to disregard Edo’s claims.

Here’s Nworah/GCM’s press release below:

The dispute continues as both parties remain steadfast in their positions regarding the ownership of the popular Netflix series.

February 27, 2024

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