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Philanthropist Ehonre Oluwaseun Oluwasegun  popularly known as Classicbaggie who is the CEO  of Baggie Exchange Services Limited Exclusive Birthday Lunch and Empowerment Support for Persons Living With Disabilities.

On December 18th 2019 Philanthropist Ehonre Oluwaseun Oluwasegun  popularly known as classicbaggie CEO Baggie Exchange Services Limited made the lives of persons living with disabilities better by celebrating with them exclusively on his birthday and empowering persons with disabilities on different skills training through the La Mode Magazine Disability Foundation.


This great support will go a long way in making them live better lives.  According to him ‘’ I love to give back and impact lives positively and to add significantly to humanity. I feel fulfilled when I contribute my part to humanity.Empowering persons with disabilities will go a long way in adding to the economy and better their lives as more persons with disabilities  will be independent and self employed if empowered. In addition I will like to say persons with disabilities should not be looked down upon or discriminated against as they are great asset to the country not a liability if empowered and given all the support they need to succeed’’.

Ehonre Oluwaseun Oluwasegun is a philanthropist who has donated his time, money, experience, skills and talent to help create a better world through charity. The well organised birthday lunch celebration was well put together by the amazing philanthropist.

Mrs.Sandra Odige founder of the La Mode Magazine foundation stated that ‘’There are about 25 Million Nigerians living with disabilities and that the foundation empowers persons with disabilities by providing job opportunities, skills acquisition training and support. The foundation also advocates and creates awareness for persons living with disabilities. It is an advocacy awareness foundation, where persons with disability are given a voice. The signed Nigeria Disability bill emphasizes the right to life, equality, and non-discrimination for persons with disabilities. Hence, the foundation is creating more awareness on the need for people to show love and support for persons with disabilities’’.
The entire members of the foundation went further to appreciate Ehonre Oluwaseun Oluwasegun CEO Baggie Exchange Services Limited for choosing to celebrate and support persons living with disabilities on his birthday.


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