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The beauty industry has made inclusivity a priority. But for women with darker skin tone, finding the perfect bronzer still poses a challenge.

Bronzers are an essential part of the beauty industry, but there are only a handful of shades to choose from. Using a bronzer is the highlight of every makeup look and getting it wrong, oh well, you can imagine the frustration.

Hollywood celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin, whose clients include the likes of Issa Rae and Phoebe Robinson explains- “In my experience, a lot of the brands available (in drugstores and department stores) either lack inventory or the colors needed to enhance deep skin tones”. This, she says, is a major problem for dark skinned ladies.

The key to finding the right bronzer for brown skin is all in the undertones.

For those with medium to tan skin, you should look for a bronzer that skews grey-brown or a light golden color.

Sir John, who is responsible for all of Beyoncé’s beauty looks, says olive shades of bronzer also work beautifully for these skin tones.

For deeper skin, he suggests shades infused with warmer hues, such as red, gold, and copper, in a buildable texture that you can layer. On medium to dark complexions especially, he stresses that bronzer doesn’t just contour cheeks but can be used to sculpt and highlight the highest points of the face to chiseled effect.


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